Making Decisions & Solving Problems (AMKSS)

Written by Raymond Tay on November 19, 2009 – 5:55 am -

To Student Councillors (Sec 2 & 3) of AMK Sec Sch,

On 11 Nov 09, it was one of the most fun & exciting sessions that we’ve ever been in and you guys are very helpful, proactive & willing to speak up. Quite creative in your group names: Anti-Frogs, Yo Ma Ma and Shoomzzz, maybe except for Xiao Frogs.. In our ZOOM game, some of you are very systematic and efficient in arranging the cards into the correct sequence. However, there is a bit too many conversations going on at a time and you should try to listen first. Also, learn not to give up until the last second. Remember games are reflections of our behaviours in real life. When we ask for volunteers to share your key decisions, you have speakers in line very fast (like Gary and Kyaw). Hope you are serious and committed for all the decisions you made (e.g. aiming for the Stars’ results and setting new standards for your team). Congratulations to Anti-Frogs, being the Most Savvy Survivors in the case study. We have also noticed quite a few of you (like Mike, Kyaw, Vince, Caroline, Hanis, Shiau Yin, Zalifa) trying organising and lead into a consensus. Great Job!! and almost all of you are participating in the discussions. Interestingly, we have a group that didn’t score very well and have a member who has the lowest point (being the Smartest Survivor) from that group. It’ll tell us the contributions about the person or whether the rest of the group members are listening to the ideas/reasons. Still I believe your Student Council will strive to thrive as you’ve wonderful leaders. Till then, serve, learn & lead!!

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Breaking Traditional Motivation

Written by Raymond Tay on October 4, 2009 – 3:41 am -

After watching the talk by Dan Pink (a Career Analyst, Best-Selling Author and former Speechwriter for Al Gore), I am impressed and shocked of what I know about for years. I have been thinking giving incentives can keep & motivate people but now can bring to poorer performance if the task needs “rudimentary cognitive skill”. The long battle between intrinsic and extrinsic motivation has reached to a clearer winner – INTRINSIC. I like his example on Microsoft’s highly paid professionals vs. Wikipedia’s free writers to create encyclopedia.

“There’s a mismatch between what science knows and business does.”

So what should we be doing? (esp. managers, HR personnel, CEOs)


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