Pass It On

Written by Raymond Tay on May 17, 2009 – 1:02 am -

I’m quite surprised to discover about this video, as it is like the earlier version of “The Secret”. So actually long ago, there has been sharing of the “Law of Attraction”. However, it is not marketed very well and not many people knew about it then. Is the “The Secret” a success too? I think definitely, so many people have talked and blogged about the secret. Just a simple review, we can also study about the secret of “The Secret” on why it has become a phenomenon. My own reasons are as follow:

  • More famous and established speakers/authors are involved
  • Have more real-life stories/experience shared
  • Related to our modern living and talked about the different areas of our lives
  • The quality of the video are much better (with more incredible special effects too)
  • Integrated with other media (e.g. there’s a book on it)
  • More advertisement/marketing (e.g. on TV shows, news)

Nevertheless, I still enjoy watching “Pass It On” as we need constant reminders in order to stay motivated & on track towards our goals. This video shared about 4 areas (wealth, inspiration, success and happiness). I like the title too, PASS IT ON, pass on your knowlege, skills, stories, experience, inspiration and HAPPINESS to others. We’ll feel even better and life’s about sharing (not a one man island).


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The Opus – “The Secret” Part 2?

Written by Raymond Tay on January 31, 2009 – 10:23 am -

I am a great fan of “The Secret” and have watched quite a few times. Thus when I get to know about a new personal development movie, I am very excited. And that movie is “The Opus“. It is also quite similar to “The Secret” as there are inspiring and successful leaders sharing their experience and their world views. With a slight twist, it is using the story of becoming the Greatest Violinist. Also, I think the creator wanted to add-on to “The Secret” by emphasizing the importance of our actions, not only focusing on our thoughts. Jack Canfield asked this: “What is the last six letters of ATTRACTION?”.

What I like the most:

  • Garth Roberts: What success looks like? Success looks like not man on the Moon but astronauts safety back on Earth.
  • Peggy O’Neill: To have higher success level is to focus on the things that you can change (e.g. beliefs, attitude, spirit). “Cannot change the outer size, but can change the inner size.
  • Mark Victor Hansen: All of us will get rejections and what we need to do is Reject Rejection. The secret that winners know is “NEXT.”

Here is its trailer:

In addition, I would like to share with you 4 Breakthrough Tips that I have learnt from the church pastor:

  1. Breakthrough from the Paralytic: Face what seems to be crippled/crumbled.
  2. Breakthrough from the Crowd: Break out from Consumer’s Mentality. Are You a Producer or Consumer?
  3. Breakthrough from the Scribes: Stop being a Contemplator.
  4. Breakthrough from the Rooftop: Think BIG, don’t be Contained.

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